Allywick & the Snail

Allywick is a character near and dear to my heart. She's a gnome druid I started playing in a Pathfinder 2e game a little over two years ago. She's been trapped in the underdark for about six months in-game, and the experience has been less than pleasant. I wanted to draw her from before the adventure, in the brief middle period of her life where things were actually going okay. If you count ditching classes at druid school and smoking sacred herbs as "going okay."

This piece was inspired by a reference image from JookpubStock. I rarely paint backgrounds any more, after finding that they were drawing a disproportionate amount of my attention, and were usually overly detailed. I'm trying to get back in the habit with light, loosely painted backgrounds and I'm finding it a lot more enjoyable.

November 23, 2021